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Industrial Steps & Ladders Pty Ltd is an Australian owned innovative engineering company. First established in Perth in 2001, the company is moving to become a national and international participant in the field of access engineering. With the encouragement of several Western Australian engineering contractors to address an urgent need in pit access, Industrial Steps & Ladders invented and patented the ADD-A-STEP® ladder. Sales of the ADD-A-STEP® commenced in 2003.

ADD-A-STEP® modular ladders were designed for the access entry market and are approved for use in potable water, waste water, highly corrosive and general construction applications. The ADD-A-STEP® modular ladder system was designed to provide a product that could be supplied off the shelf for immediate delivery.ADD-A-STEP® is manufactured from different types of engineering polymers depending on the application. ADD-A-STEP® modular ladders are now a leader in the access entry market.

In 2007, work commenced on developing a completely new and innovative concept for the design and manufacturing of modular individual rung ladders. A new product SURE-STEP® - individual rung ladder - utilizing an inventive modular design was the result of this work. It is now approved and available in Australia. SURE-STEP® - individual rung ladder - has many practical benefits in waste water and storm water applications.

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